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Policies & Procedures

Unstoppable Gymnastics

Policies & Procedures


  • Policy Statement:  Please read the policies carefully.  Your signature on the student registration form indicates that you have been advised of the Unstoppable Gymnastics’ policies.​

  • Registration Fees:  Registration fees are due at the time of enrollment to secure a student’s place in the desired class/classes.  Registration fees are $30 per student and are non-refundable.  Each registered student will receive a gym t-shirt. ​

  • Tuition Policies:  Tuition is due the 1st of each month regardless of attendance. Tuition Payments will be charged on the 5th.  A late fee of $10 will be added to all unpaid accounts on the 6th of each month.  If tuition becomes two months delinquent students are subject to removal from classes.  Tuition is paid monthly to hold a student’s place in class or classes; and must be paid regardless of the student’s attendance each month.  Some months will have four weeks of class while others will have more or less; however, monthly tuition will remain the same.  Tuition has been determined for the entire year and divided into monthly payments.  Please remember you will not be sent a statement. ​

  • Payments:  Due to past season overdue payments. All members are required to have a credit card on file and be on automatic payment. On the 5th of every month each account will have an automatic withdrawal from Bank Account or charge on Credit Card. If you do not want the automatic payment to be made you must pay cash or check before the 5th.  Automatic Payment will remain in effect until you notify the office via email then the authorization should be terminated.  If for whatever reason, payments cannot be processed with the above payment information and your account remains overdue, late fees will be applied and enrollment in classes could be cancelled.  Credit/Debit Cards/ACH accounts are accepted and will receive a 3.9% charge. ​

  •  If you prefer, payments may be made at the front desk.  Payments may be made by cash or check.  Always leave students name with payment. They must be made before the 5th to avoid auto payments to be made. ​

  • Returned Checks:  There will be a $30.00 fee on all returned checks.  This includes return checks through the automatic withdrawal program.  After two (2) returned checks, all future payments must be made by cash or credit card.

  • Add/Drop/Change of Class: To add, drop, or change a class the office will have to be directly contacted and notified before the 1st of the month to ensure adjustments for tuition. If you drop a class in the middle of a month tuition will not be pro-rated. If notification is not properly made then you will be responsible for tuition payment. Notify us via email or in person. AUTO-PAY IS NOT REMOVED JUST BECAUSE YOUR STUDENT STOPS COMING. WE MUST BE NOTIFIED OF DROPPED CLASS BEFORE THE 1ST.

  • Attendance:  Students are expected to be in class.  Class attendance is important for learning and retaining skills.  Students enrolled in competitive program are required to attend all practices.  If students miss or will miss please notify as soon as possible via text, email, website, Facebook messenger, or by phone.  ​

  • Make Up Classes:  Missed classes may be made up in a class of equal level and instruction. Tuition will not be pro-rated due to missed classes by an individual student. If classes are canceled due to weather or an unplanned event then a make-up class will be provided or tuition will then be pro-rated. ​

  •  Injured Students: Any student that becomes injured will not be required to come to class or pay for class during the injury. If injury is serious and student won’t be able to return for longer than 2 months student will be required to drop. If your child becomes injured please notify the gym ASAP. ​

  •  Inclement Weather: If severe weather causes class cancellations a message will be sent via email and social media accounts for notifications. We DO NOT always follow school closings due to weather so make sure to check your email and/or social media accounts. ​

  •  Student Conduct: Students are expected to behave responsibly and respectfully to their class-mates and instructors. We want everyone to have an encouraging environment to learn and develop their skills. Behavior problems will be addressed in class. If a student has received warnings and still doesn’t comply they can and will be asked to sit out for the remainder of class. ​

  • Dress Code: Students will be required to follow dress code for classes. Girls in recreational gymnastics classes will be required to wear leotards with shorts, leggings, etc. for covering. Boys will need to wear comfortable athletic wear. Classes under the age of 4 can wear leotards or comfortable athletic clothing. Tumble classes can wear athletic wear or leotards. ​

  • Cell Phones: Cell phones of students will be required to be turned off or silenced and put away during class times. ​

  •  Lobby/Lockers:  Children under the age of 8 cannot be left unattended in the lobby. Food and drinks are allowed in the lobby only. Do not leave food and drink in student lockers. Water will be allowed in the gym area and lockers. Everyone is responsible for their own items; lost items are not Unstoppable Gymnastics responsibility. There will be a lost and found provided for things left in the lobby and lockers. After 30 days, the lost and found maybe cleaned out. 

  • Observation of Classes: There will be video cameras in the gym are that connect to a tv in the lobby for the friends and family to observe classes. Family and friends WILL NOT be allowed in the gym area to observe classes unless previously discussed with an instructor and provided permission. ​

  • Safety: We are not responsible for students before or after their class times. Parents are required to come into the gym to pick up students. Students ARE NOT ALLOWED to walk out to parents’ cars by themselves. Students shall not be dropped off earlier than 15 minutes prior to class times. If you will be late picking up your student please notify the office so the student can be supervised by the staff for safety. ​

  • Insurance: All participants are required to be covered by their own health insurance policies. In an event of injury or accident the participants personal insurance is responsible for reimbursement. Unstoppable Gymnastics will not be responsible for any reimbursement. 

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