Class Information

Toe Toe's- Gymnastics classes for boys and girls ages 18 months-2 years old. Each child will need a parent/guardian/caregiver to attend with them. Caregiver must be at least 13 years of age. (can be older siblings)


Little Gyms- Gymnastics for boys and girls ages 3-4 years old. Does NOT require a caregiver to attend with them.


Special Gyms- Gymnastics classes for boys and girls of all ages with Special Needs. These classes will be offered at your child's age and level of gymnastics.  We will provide extra help if needed.  Our goal is to have these students integrated into recreational classes as much as possible.  Modifications will be provided when needed.


Boy's Gymnastics- Gymnastics for Boy's ages 5 and up. Will work on Floor, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Rings and Mushroom (prep for pommel horse).

Acro Tumble Classes- Classes based on tumbling and acrobatic tricks for activities such as dance, cheer, theater, etc.


                 1.  Beginner Acro Tumble - for all ages with little to no skills. Example skills taught

                                                          Cartwheels, Round offs, and Backbends.

                      2.  Intermediate Acro Tumble - for all ages at a more advanced level.

                                                          Must have a Cartwheel, Round-off and Backbend.

                      3.  Advanced Acro Tumble - for all ages at the most advanced level.

                                                          Must have a Back Walkover, Front Walkover,

                                                           and approved by instructor.


Recreational Gymnastics

                     1.  Beginner Gymnastics- Gymnastics for girls who are at a starting level. 

                           Example skills taught: Cartwheels, Round-offs, Forward Rolls, Bars, Beam, and Vault

                           May have cartwheel or less tumbling experience.  Little or no experience on Beam,                              Bar or Vault

                      2.  Intermediate Gymnastics- Gymnastics for girls who have experience with                                           gymnastics.

                            Example skills taught: Round-offs, Back Walkovers, Back Hand Springs, Bars, Beam                                and Vault.

                            They need to have a cartwheel, round off, and a strong bridge or backbend.  

                            Also experience on Bars, Beam and Vault.


Competitive Classes

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays - Email will be sent with information.


If classes do not fill, schedule could change due to class demand.

** Notice we no longer have cheer classes.  If you child is still interested in tumbling they can enroll in an Acro Tumble Class!

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