COVID-19 Class Guidelines

  • Students must be fever free (Below 100) for 48 hours (without medicine) prior to class.

  • If the student, the student’s family/household member, or someone they have come in contact with test positive for COVID-19 or has the following symptoms they cannot attend class for 14 days. Cough, Sore Throat, Fever, Headache, Muscle Soreness, Difficulty Breathing, Chills, and/or New Loss in Taste or Smell. 

  • We will continue taking temperature of all gymnast entering in the gym. If their temperature is 100 and above or they show the above symptoms they will be sent home. 

  • Please reduce the use of our public restrooms and multiple chairs in the lobby to diminish the spread of germs.

  • Please keep chairs in their spot do not move them around in the lobby.

  • Feel free to use our sanitizer.

  • We will not be selling snacks or water at the time.

  • Please limit spectators in the lobby to 1-2 people per gymnast. 

  • Keep smaller siblings/children out of the lobby or in one area of the lobby.

  • There will be no toys in the lobby at the time.

  • All payments must be via online or dropped in our drop box in the lobby to reduce contact between our secretary and the parents. (Tuition is due one 1st and late on the 10th)

**Please take precautions when coming to our facility. We want to keep all our athletes and staff protected. If your student misses their class due to the guidelines above there are plenty of times for make-up classes. 

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