COVID-19 REGUlations and Info

  • If your child or someone in your immediate family is considered high-risk or has underlying health issues they cannot attend class.

  • Students must be fever free (100.1 and below) for 48 hours (without medicine) prior to class.

  • If student or the student’s family or someone they have come in contact with has any of the following symptoms they will not be allowed into the gym. Cough, Sore Throat, Fever, Headache, Muscle Soreness, Difficulty Breathing, Chills, and/or New Loss in Taste or Smell.

  • We will be taking temperatures upon arrival. If student has a fever of 100.2 or higher they will not be allowed to attend class.

  • If student has been in contact with someone or has a family member that is positive for COVID-19 they will not be able to attend class for 14 days. 

  • If student has been in contact or has a family member that was recently tested for COVID-19 they will not be able to attend gymnastics until results come back negative. 

  • Toe Toe’s Class does require a parent/guardian with them. They must also fall in line with the requirements above. Also, you are responsible to keep your child from touching others and equipment not being used. If you cannot follow these rules we will ask you to leave. It is not a free for all. 

  • Restrooms will not be open to public or classes. Have your child use the restroom before coming to class and have them dressed and ready. No changing into gymnastic wear at the gym. (We will allow for absolute emergencies only!)

  • We will not have the lobby open for parents/family/friends to use. You can walk your child into gym but then you must leave. We know this is a bummer but this is for the safety of our gymnast and staff. We will walk students out to their cars after class to lessen traffic between classes. Please drop off/pick up students on time to ensure safety so we can sanitize in between classes! 

  • Little Gyms classes will be allowed to have ONE parent in the lobby to be there in case of behavior/potty breaks. No siblings or others will be allowed to be in lobby. You are welcome to stay in your car but you must stay in the parking lot. 

  • Toe Toe’s classes will only be allowed to have ONE parent/guardian over the age of 16 to help with classes. No more than one person will be allowed in per student and absolutely no siblings will be able to stay with parents during child’s class. 

  • Toe Toe’s and Little Gyms classes will be 45 minutes long. All other classes will be 50 minutes long. Students may enter gym 5 minutes prior to their class time but no earlier. 

  • There will be no snacks or water sold from the office. Recreational class members will not be able to bring drinks, snacks, toys, or extra clothing/bags in. They will only be allowed to bring their shoes they wear in. (Classes are only 50 mins long or under so water breaks will not be needed!)


** We know this is inconvenient for all, but please plan to make arrangements and be prepared to follow all of the expectations above. As time goes on we may be able to lessen some of the restrictions!

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